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5 Interior Design Trends of 2022.

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Bevillion shares our take on the trends of this year. Getting those design enthusiasts inspired & providing some insight into the upcoming design styles that we see dominating the industry in 2022.

1. Multi-functional rooms.

We all need a bit of functionality in our day-to-day lives. It makes navigating & using our spaces that much easier.

With more people working from home, the need for multi-function rooms has been trending. How can we make our homes more functional with more than one purpose?

Defining a purpose & imagine how the space interacts for whoever uses it. Divide or create a story in a way that includes the different functions or hid those functions with smart storage.

Create narratives, where once we created partitions to separate the space, we now want to create spaces that have multiple functions.

2. Monochromatic & Neutral Colours.

Neutral colours have always been popular in the world of interiors, it connects to the majority of homes & displays consistency by blending any environment with aesthetic.

In 2022 this style is here to stay.

There is a natural calmness to neutral & monochrome colour palettes. Balancing & contrasting mild dark tones with bright light tones, instantly recognisable as a design style.

This is one trend that is welcomed by the masses, with more people admiring this colour palette, we expect to see more of these colours in 2022.

(Bevillion's styling tip: Both monochromatic & neutral styles create a coherent space that just works every time, it can be a simple colour palette but to make it stand out, think about placement & how colours compliment each other.)

3. Locally sourced & Handmade.

From ceramics to hand made art, shopping locally gives back to our community. When supporting locally owned businesses we support people, highlighting artists & makers of all kinds.

We love to see unique items in homes, what is more unique them an item you won't find on the shelf?

In 2022, we see the trend of unique & custom items entering our homes & supporting those local heroes that provide these services

4. Sage Green

Want to shake up your colour palette? Maybe this is the colour for you! Sage green is making its new debut, fresh & vibrant this colour has that retro feel.

Green is an earthy colour, but this coat has a silvery white undertones that just lightens it up.

It's a calming & healing colour that bring a homely feeling to any space. We have seen this colour becoming more popular in garden designs & brining outdoors, in-doors.

So far, we have seen these colours in home improvements (Take a look on TikTok) we are expecting to see more throughout the year.)

5. Natural & sustainable materials

The most important trend on our list, the use of ethically sourced natural & sustainable materials.

With climate change being at the forefront of design, at home we begin to create spaces that protects our environment. Using recycled materials, shopping second hand & finding those hidden gems.

Found out more ways to be more sustainable as a designer & be mindful of our planet by looking at this article from SBID

One of Bevillion's favourite recycled materials is by Smile Plastic who's surfaces are 100% recycled & a real innovation in the step towards a more sustainable future. Check out there vibrant range of classic recyclable surfaces & fall in love just like us!

Being sustainable in the future is so important. In 2022 we are happy to see this trending, moving towards a more environmentally friendly world & within design.


We suspect there will be many new interior styles to become more popular in 2022. Join our community & come back to see more interior design trends in the decorated world of design. & read more from Bevillion's Blog & show your support by liking our posts.

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