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How can we use Interior Design in our homes?

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

We all do Interior Design instinctively. A reflection of our true selves is within our homes. From our favourite colours to the framed photos of family & friends. Without even thinking too much about it, we create an environment for us that tells a unique story of our legacy, who we are & what we love.


How do we create good Interior Design?

To make the most of our home environment, we need to think about functionality. This is how we use the home & what we can do to enhance how we move around the space. Also, the quality of the experience. Interior Design is about preparation & planning, thinking ahead about colour schemes & focusing on where the eye travels around the room.

Ask yourself: “What can I improve?”. Maybe Extending counter tops in kitchens if you love to cook. Creating smart storage where too much clutter occurs. Anything that changes how we use everyday things. The main challenge of design is to transform environments that has a point of view, one that is easy to translate.


Interior styling: adding those finishing touches.

Interior Design is what we see & Interior Styling is the how we want to impact the environment. It’s the arrangement of shelves & experimenting with how items are positioned.

Using styling techniques, we can bring out a personality in the any space. Such as using fabrics & art to make the environment a sensory experience. Or some flowers to bring in some colour. For inspiration, I like to look at The World of Interior Magazine.


Using artwork in Interior Design.

Art & Interior Design go so well together. Anything can be considered art & it’s totally subjective. To merge Art & Design together we need to think about how the viewer will perceive it and the scale of the piece. Photo frames are a great way to tell stories with photography. Placement is key. Any artwork can bring a sense of ambiance to the room & big canvases feel luxurious. Sculptures are a great way to have a place for your eyes to wonder.


Interior Design is indeed for everyone. Anyone can use an element of interior design to bring a sense of style into their home. Take the time to search for the styles & colour schemes that you like. Cultivate a plan of how you can change the space & think about how everything in the room communicates with your each other & your chosen colour palette.

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