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A message from Bevillion Interior Design

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Welcome to Bevillion. We want to share our skills & experiences whilst working in the world of Interior Design. I made the decision to start this journey because of how inspired I have been over the years when seeing designed spaces.


Seeing design everywhere I go.

I still marvel in current designs crafted by todays designers & architects. In a new space that I see potential, I find my mind creating blueprints & decorating by transforming the atmosphere with my imagination. Letting in run wild & seeing what can change to make improvements. This was when I realised that I wanted to make other people’s life a pleasant experience & make interior design the job for me.


Improving the quality of life.

Our homes are important to us, they hold our memories. This is a story of our life.

Some may not even think about doing it, but they do it naturally & I sense the personality of home straight away. These nuance are easy to spot. Are they mindful of space & have plenty of storage? Or do they love having things everywhere? (So that they remember where they put that one thing). It is sometimes subtle & sometimes obvious. But all of these things build a personality for the home, without even putting to much energy into the idea. When we focus on how we use a space, when then start thinking about what we can do to enhance the experience. We want to make positive changes that work with the functions of the space & not against the natural flow.


Where will Bevillion Homes go next?

My plans for the future, are to continue to grow as a designer.

I want to challenge my aesthetic working with people with different styles to me, & from various backgrounds. I want my business to feel welcoming to others. Inviting individuals to share who they are with me, so that I can make a home that made for them.

I would love to open my own shop featuring décor & unique design features.

My dream is to have my interior designs & styling to be featured in a design magazine like The World of Interior Design or ELLE Decoration. Interior design is something I plan to do for years to come, but I have learnt that it does take time to grow a business. During this time I have learned to be patient with myself & to make room for my ideas to develop.


Bevillion homes is an interior design service, but to me the creator, it is more than that. We want to be there for people. Taking the time to understand each story that those we work with, putting there message into their home. With a positive attitude when offering advice & assisting with any project we take on. We want to grow Bevillion as a business, connecting with local tradespeople, & engaging clients to provide the best experience.

We will be uploading more articles on Bevillion's blog page more frequently, so keep checking back for more tips & posts that talk about interior design.

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