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Christmas styling – How to style your home this Christmas.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. With Christmas 2021 just around the corner, many people are asking us at Bevillion “how can I style my home this Christmas?”.

We wanted to give our readers the best tips to achieve great interior style at home this season.


Classic Christmas decorating, but with a new twist.

We all feel the seasonal changes, embracing each one as they pass by. Christmas brings around so many precious memories of food, presents, family & friends.

This year, start to think about how we can take those classic Christmas decorations & add a unique twist to them.

Wreaths don’t have to be plain wreaths; they can be decorative. Add flare by adding dried fruit for a winter aroma. Add colour & vibrancy with decorations, think locally & add handcrafted ornaments. Use coloured or metallic spray paint on the tips of the wreath to create a frame.

The possibilities are endless, so re-invent the traditional. Remember that less is more, if we go too overboard, it can seem busy, think minimal & tasteful.

When we think of classic Christmas decorations we think of lights, tinsel, baubles. Ask yourself, how can we develop & elevate the traditional?


Select a colour palette & make it festive!

Think about a festive colour palette & create some combinations that just seem to work together.

Red & green is the staple of Christmas, silver & gold are bold, luxurious colours. Some people want everything white, really taking white Christmas literally, whilst purples & black can be opulent & contrasting.

These are just a few colour schemes. If you want to see some more colour combinations visit Real Homes. If you want to be experimental this year, then invite the new! Think about how the colours compliment each other, use a colour wheel to match them. Adventurous colours such as sage & pale colours can be exciting & new.

Some appreciate the traditional or maybe something totally new. Try out a few colours & materials in a collage. See how they look & communicate with each other.

Bevillion is enjoying our pastel & holographic tree design, amongst the holographic colours, we have wooden crafted ornaments to bring back a sense of nature into the tree design & using mesh ribbon to enhance the lighting.


Feature lights & adding those festive finishing touches.

Once the selection of your colour scheme has been decided, choose your lights accordingly. There are many different lights, from LEDs to string lights.

Keep in mind the big picture & be selective about what will go right with the overall style.

Think about placement, where can the lights go to add impact in the right way without being an obstruction to the aesthetic & how you move around the space.

Festive finishing touches are those last pieces of the puzzle that tie together your colour palette with your unique style. Pillow covers, blankets, & baubles. Anything from décor to fabrics, so that everything connects or contrasts with your colour palette. This can make the environment feel purposeful & intentional. Experiment with placement & how things look together.


'Tis the season to get experimental with style. Push your aesthetic & take the time to select the different colours, textures, & materials that you can use to bring that sense of seasonal spirit.

Lastly, take step back & interpret your design. It is important that we self-evaluate anything we do in order to develop & make our designs better.

This year relax, It's cold outside, so listen to the vintage music, make your self a warm cup of hot chocolate with all the marshmallows & whipped cream to assist you with your planning. Christmas should be a fun time, to relax & enjoy time with loved ones.

From Bevillion, we wish you all a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year!


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