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Create a sensory experience with Interior Design.

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Walking into any home, you can translate the energy instantly. We all naturally create a style in our homes without using techniques. Our homes are a sensory experience, one that stimulates the way our minds. Allowing us to experience & make our own interpretation of any space.

When we want to enhance our sensory experience in our environment, we want to emphasis what we see around the space. How do we engage our sense of touch with different fabrics & materials? What do we hear? What can we smell? We want to create a positive story for our senses to engage with. A story that represents the personality we intend to create within the home.

Bevillion wants to provide you tips on how to improve your sensory experience.


What do we see?

What we observe within our homes represents who we are & what we allow others to know about us. Bevillion Interior Design picks up on the subtle influences, ones that tell me who lives in the space, what do they do?

It could be what they surround themselves with or what they treasure enough to put out on display for others to see. When we use interior design to stimulate our sense of sight, we determine where eyes enter the room? What do we want to first impression to be? A colour schemes is the first thing we see; this is how the everything in the space & big picture communicates with one another.

Another great way to engage the sense of sight, when we sit down, what do we see? Where is in our peripheral vision? Where do our eyes travel to? & Where do they rest? We can create a focal point that draws attention. The focal point can be anything that stands out. For example, a fireplace is usually placed in the middle of the room, you can apply décor, & add a framed art piece or a mirror in the blank space above.

When creating displays on shelves or furniture, contemplate the message you want to portray. What do we use that shelf for? Should we make it minimal or busy? This depends on what purpose you want to create. Use sculptures & put out items that you like, remember to always select items that complement your colour palette/story & think about that big picture we mentioned. keep in mind the first impression.

Bevillion hot tip: Lighting & natural lighting play a big part in bringing out the colours & textures of any space. When making illuminating space, select lighting that is bright or select the bulbs accordingly. Think about the form of what shade or case the light is in & choose exciting lighting that acts as an art piece or add LED’s in dark places in cabinets & furniture to add depth.


What can we touch & feel in the space?

Another great sense to incorporate into our homes is our sense of touch. What you feel with your hands & your bare feet. This can be fabrics & carpets. This can be other material surfaces such as textural stones & different materials.

Our homes should be a place of comfort where we can add soft finishes such as pillows, throws, blankets, carpets, rugs, hallway runners, table runners & more. This is another great opportunity to involve your colour palette, creating that first impact you get from the space.

We can also implement textural surfaces with tiles, counter tops, tables/coffee tables, furniture, doorknobs & handles.

There are endless possibilities to play around with how we physically feel items within our homes & engage with our senses.

Bevillion hot tip: When we create any space, we can begin to consider scale & proportions. For example, if you have a huge sofa, you don’t want to add the worlds smallest pillows. Think about the proportions & how this looks together. When we think about scale, we take a pattern & experiment with size. Will the size be small & repetitive, or will it be one big image? This is a great way to try new ways of testing the ordinary.


What scents can we use to enhance the character?

One sense we might not think about engaging is our sense of smell. This is a subtle way of enhancing the personality of the space.

Home sellers bake home-made cookies & brew fresh coffee to make a house feel homely, this encourages buyers to buy. There is plenty of ways to involve scents into a space, here is some to consider: Diffusers & essential oil burners. Scented Candles. Burning incense and smudge sticks. Shop locally when sourcing scents & think eco-friendly & be considerate of our earth.

One easy way of achieving a clean smell (you guessed it) is regular cleaning.

Making sure dust isn’t getting into your nose & ensuring the space is clear of any mess. Creating a positive atmosphere requires eliminating any impurities. Spring cleaning should not just be a seasonal thing, do this all year round & make it fun by putting on your favourite music, YouTube videos, or podcast.


With many ways to improve the sensory experience with Interior Design, there are endless ways to enhance our own home experience. Bevillion invites you to welcoming more sensory experiences into your home. This article by Ideal Home gives some great tips into improving the sensory experience as tip no. 12 mentions filling the room with a signature scents. Consideration of colour within the home & paying attention to the details with styling.

Get inspired with your senses, try new things & take a step back to consider how this impacts your senses. Most of all what makes you enjoy the space bringing that feeling of positivity into your home.

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