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My Interior Design Journey: Studying

Are you ready to embark on a journey through my experiences of studying interior design in the charming town of Cambridge? Buckle up & get ready for an exciting ride through my adventures in this university town.

1. Embracing Cambridge

Cambridge, a town steeped in rich history & academic prestige, was the ideal backdrop for my journey into the world of interior design. Spending time here was more than just attending classes; it was an immersion into a community that values knowledge, innovation, & creativity. Walking around & getting inspired by all of the other students working hard, drawing others strolling past. I found myself in a town where learning was not just a task but a way of life.

2. Finding My Tribe: Meeting Like-Minded Individuals

One of the most rewarding aspects of my journey was the opportunity to meet people who shared my passion for interior design. There's something special about being surrounded by individuals who are as enthusiastic about design as you are. These newfound friends provided a constant source of inspiration & encouragement. To work with others is the framework for great design, nothing was ever made with just the individual.

3. The Gift of Great Tutors

Our journey was significantly enriched by the incredible tutors who guided us through the intricacies of interior design. Their unique perspectives & engaging teaching styles made every lesson an enlightening experience. I was consistently pushed to think outside the box & develop my design skills in new exciting ways.

4. Embracing Challenges: Conquering the Art of Drawing

Not everything was smooth sailing. I had my struggles, & one of them was drawing. But, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. I committed to honing my drawing skills every day. I knew that this fundamental skill would be invaluable when working on projects. And you know what? in time I think it will pay off.

5. Pushing Boundaries: Challenging My Design Style

One of the most enjoyable aspects of my interior design journey was the freedom to explore & push my design style. The course experience has allowed me to break free from my comfort zone & explore aesthetics. My projects became a canvas for innovation & creativity. So far, I have taken a lot of inspiration from my 1st year.

6. Elevating My Career: Making the Most of Every Opportunity

Studying in Cambridge presented me with a multitude of opportunities to further my design career. I was exposed to a world of design possibilities & seized every chance to learn & grow. With a placement year in year 3 to look forward to, I already feel that this was a pivotal moment that elevated my ambitions to become a designer.

7. Managing Stress & Self-Belief

Amid all the excitement, there were times when stress loomed over my shoulder. However, I soon realized that believing in myself & harnessing my design prowess were the keys to overcoming it.

Interior design is an art, & I needed to trust my abilities. Focusing on new skills to navigate the inevitable challenges along the way.

In conclusion, my journey currently studying interior design at Cambridge is a transformative experience. It allowed me to immerse myself in a university town, connect with kindred spirits, & learn from remarkable tutors. I have discovered ways to conquer my doubts, push my design boundaries, & embrace every opportunity to enhance my career. Through it all, I learned that self-belief is the ultimate stress-buster.

So, to all aspiring interior designers, remember: believe in yourself, push your creative limits, and you'll find that your journey can take you & your career wherever you want it to go.

Jaye Duxbury

Bevillion Interior Design

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