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Scandinavian - Part 1

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Welcome back to another Interior Design styles week. Minimal & cosy, Scandinavian interior design is extremely popular in the world of interiors. The Scandinavian's spend at lot of time at home due to the cold winters, with some places being in total darkness during the winter months. With so much time at home, Scandinavian's cherish & enjoy the comfort that their homes provide.


White, Wood, & Warmth.

The iconic trio of Scandinavian design, White walls, wood, & bringing warmth into the home. Comfort is important in this design style, using a sensory element that make you feel at one when you're relaxing in your sanctuary.

White walls create a fresh feeling, it creates the sensation of space & brightens up those seemingly dark spots in the home. White walls provide a light & airy space combating those cold winters (which is a common theme in the Scandinavian style).

Wooden furniture & accent piece have become the staple of this interior style. With the Scandinavian's being resourceful, they tend to use sustainable & affordable materials when decorating their homes. Often coming back from walks with wild flowers & branches to make accent piece in their homes. Wood & natural materials bring an organic scenery into the home.

Lastly, bringing warmth & light into the home creates a unique ambience that encapsulates Scandinavian design. Warmth from wood burners & using the wood storage as an accent piece. The winters are cold & dark, so changing the interior atmosphere with contained fires & candles creates a softer atmosphere to lighten the mood.



Relaxation, comfort, & timelessness. This is the aim for this style. We all need a bit of self care, an area in our homes that makes us feel cosy is what provides us with emotional comfort. So dim the light, grab your favourite throw cover, & settle in for a night in front of the TV with a glass of wine.

We don't always need to go over the top, the Scandinavian's keep it simple, not overwhelming the sense by keeping the space balanced. With soft finishes like rugs & throw blankets.

brining that serenity & bliss that natural brings

Colour palette brake down - Grey. Off White. Sage. Mustard. Navy Blue. Metallic Accents. Wood Tones, & Bright White


Bevillion loves this design style.

Scandinavian design is such an iconic design style, rating top 2 in our customer surveys, Scandinavian design has reach popularity because of it's timeless sense of style & comfort, as well as love for the interior spaces.

Come back to read part 2 & if you enjoyed reading this post, share with someone you know loves this style, give us a heart or comment what design style you want to hear about next.

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