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Scandinavian - Part 2

Welcome back to Interior Styles, where we talk about the different styles that have inspired the interior design industry. Following on from part 1, we are here to bring you more from this style!

Bring Nature Inside

Nature is reflected in Scandinavian interior design, & with such a beautiful outdoors, bringing the outside inside just makes sense.

Wooden furniture is extremely common in Scandinavian design, it is bold & sticks out against light colours walls. We love to see wooden furniture, elevated to circulate the natural light around the room. Think minimal feeling with sleek lines.

Natural lighting is also important, light colours bring a freshness to the space that always lightens the mood.

Using natural & sustainable materials is iconic to the Scandinavian style. Recycled materials & using what nature provides, in a sustainable way.

Of course, who could resist a house plant? Bring nature inside, add some of what mother nature provides. It is a great time to get outside & connect with nature with walks, bring home twigs, branches, &wild flowers.

Create A Social Atmosphere

Creating a space that welcomes your friends & family is the best way to encapsulate the iconic Nordic.

Situating chairs in a way so that they are facing each other to encourage conversation. Picture a big dining room table, completely set with comfortable seating to make everyone feel relaxed.

Comfort is the key to creating a social atmosphere. Make the space inviting by creating a setting around the table, or introduce soft finishes like pillows & throw rugs to the living room. Create an experience & make the most of the time with the people you love.

Colour Palette

Who doesn't love a bit of colour? Scandinavian as a style has an iconic neutral colour palette, bright colours & wooden tones to create comfortable calming areas that relaxed the senses.

Whites - Bright white, off white. You will see white the most in Scandinavian designs because its fresh & brightens the space in those dark winter months.

Grey - Subtle light greys

Greens - Bringing nature to the design again. typically light greens to brighten up the space.

Wood tones - Furniture & good quality wooden floors. Accent pieces like raw wood around a fire & twigs in vases to add character.

Earth tones - Terracotta, browns, mustard & beige.

Metallic accents - Additional metallic accents, handles, frames, light shades.

Such a great palette that encapsulate the purpose for Nordic design, creating an atmospheric home & using colour to create a comfortable sensation in the home.


Bevillion has a great appreciation for this style, people in Scandinavia celebrate their homes, & that is truly special. Reflecting nature & being mindful of their environment. Thanks to Ikea & social media, this style has reached the masses, it is clear to see why so many people admire this design style!

Bevillion will be posting more on the topic of Interior Styles, so come back to learn more about the amazing styles the world of interior design has to offer. & if you haven't already - check out Part 1!

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