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Top 3 - Summer Interior Design Trends.

With the sun coming out, it's time to grab your sunglasses & embrace the seasonal changes. With the focus shifting to spending more time outside to relax or connecting with loved ones, it's the perfect time of the year to be experimental, to be bold & creative.

Are you ready to update your home/garden to reflect the summertime? There is no reason why we can't bring the comfy atmosphere & style from inside our homes to the outside!

Bold Patterns

We love the warmth that summer brings to our lives. It inspires us to change, to be outside & to connect with nature. So, it's definitely a time to shake things up!

Do something out of our comfort zone & bring some new life into those otherwise ordinary fabrics. Black out curtains are essential to your home this summer. We all need to get a good nights sleep, especially when the night is short & day-light is super early. So think about the patterns & style of the curtains that could re-shape your space.

Get adventurous & add some pattern wherever you can! Maybe design a funky print or select patterns for your pillows, throw covers, rugs & fabric can also be framed as artwork, anything, just go for it!)

Seasonal Plants & Flowers

When the summer sun is out, nature is thriving. But why bring a bit of nature inside? Nature has a naturally calming presence & ads some extra colour to the space. So, add some seasonal foliage to your home environment & bring a vibe that suits your style.

Here's a few of Bevillion's suggestions:

  • Cacti's: Cactus's add that dessert atmosphere to your home, creating a sense of escapism. They are very low maintenance & are easy to care for. With so many styles of cacti its fun to shop around, see the crazy shapes & forms of mother nature & play around with placement.

  • Bright & Colourful flower Displays: Research some summer flowers & discover what's in season. Lilies, Sunflowers, Peonies are just a few that come to mind. Think about your colour palette & what will work with your home, & think abut where they might look their best!

  • Dried flowers: Dried flowers feel very summery & a trend that began sky rocketing with Pampas grass last year. It seems to embody the drought & dryness the heat of the sun provides. This can be a great way to add some texture.

  • Feature Pots & Vases: Lastly, think about what pot or vase you place them in. This doesn't always need to be traditional it can be bold ceramics or unique pieces from local sellers or charity shops. Or score a unique find from antique/vintage stores.

There is no limit to flower & plant displays, but do try to see this as another opportunity to be bold & to infuse your colour palette & play with artistic shape/form.

It's Time To Bring The Inside - Outside!

Who says you can't make the outside cosy just like your living room? Your garden should be just as comfy as your indoor spaces. With comfy sofa's & pillows, area rugs, moody lighting.

Anywhere can be a comfy atmosphere! It can also be functional, adding a bar area to prepare drinks & cocktails to enjoy in the sun. Decorate & style those dining area & bring luxury when guest come over with a buck & ice for those champagne bottles/chilled drinks.

We all have a different idea of what is relaxing to us, so experiment. It could be hanging chairs, the perfect outdoor dining space or sun beds. So, create a space that reflects your version of relaxation.

(Bevillion's tip: make sure you have a waterproof storage space to put those cushions when not in use. If you're in the UK you know how unpredictable the weather can be, so ensure you have a storage space to keep your furniture fresh from the weather when you're not using it!)

Additional Styling Tips

Fires just add another dimension at night time, its a warming feeling watching a fire burn whilst enjoying some drinks or some relaxing time for yourself. Having the firewood on display can also be a cool way to style the space.

Cocktail bars & food bars in a garden is taboo, but we think this ads a versatility to the outdoor space. A feeling of luxury that feels unique giving you the opportunity to keep other areas clear of the mess of preparation.. This trend is something we see becoming more popular in 2022.

That's it for our Top Tips this summer, remember to take some time out for you & don't forget to use sunscreen! From Bevillion, we hope that everyone enjoys the summer & the sun!

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